Estate Planning (Succession)

You Really Do Need An Estate Plan

One challenge when it comes to estate planning is making people aware of the reality that virtually everyone, no matter how modest their wealth, should have an estate plan. Probate, or in Louisiana what is known as "succession," is the process of legally determining the property, paying the debts and taxes and distributing the remaining assets of the deceased to the proper individuals or entities.

Estate planning entails more than a simple will. While it typically includes a last will and testament, a comprehensive estate plan also includes some combination of powers of attorney, health care directives, trusts and guardianships for minor children. Our lawyers at Burke & Cestia Attorneys at Law can help you create a plan that is designed for your specific needs and goals.

A Plan For Your Future

An additional benefit is that the process of creating the plan with your lawyer helps you focus on your financial goals for the future, and can help with wealth preservation by ensuring your estate is not exposed to unexpected taxes, court costs and attorney fees.

An estate plan also can help head off potential conflict among heirs by setting clear expectations before your death. Identifying personal property — like jewelry, guns or furniture — can prevent disagreements and conflicts that can sour relationships and waste the estate's assets with litigation.

Probate Issues?

Because the process of succession or probate may be a new experience, you may be unsure of how it should play out. If you are confused or need help understanding the decisions and actions of an executor or trustee, we can help. If serious concerns are found, we can help with any necessary litigation. We can also assist individuals named as executors fulfill their duties and help them to avoid potential litigation.

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